What Do Gobies Eat? Different Fish Requires Dissimilar Diet

Gobies are the largest marine fish families with 2000 unique species. Therefore, they become a perfect addition to fish-keeping hobbyists. These sea animals can be a pleasure to keep in the saltwater aquarium. But do you even know what do gobies eat?

Frankly, it’s a common question from the beginners while trying to keep these small species in the marine tank. Caring for any kind of fish needs good food for feeding and proper tank requirement. So, it’s normal to find what to feed your fish.

This article will present several types of gobies, what they eat, how to breed, and the top care guide to keep successfully in the home aquarium. Hopefully, the following information helps you to choose the best species to keep in your marine tank.

What Do Saltwater Gobies Eat, Breed, and Treat?

what do gobies eat
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The goby features a big head with a tapered body. It has a cup-like structure on the pelvic fins to stick on the stones. Each type has a different diet and varied treatment for caring.

Captive Fare for Feeding

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What do gobies eat? Generally, these species consume both aquatic animals and plants although they belong to carnivorous. However, aquarists often offer captive meals that include live and artificial foods. These sea creatures love devouring living Tubifex.

But, what do gobies eat when they are kept in the aquarium? To raise the fish’s appetite on frozen food, make sure that the water has a slight current to make the meal look moving.

Moreover, what do gobies eat instead of frozen food? Their feeding habits seem very funny. Even live juveniles of cichlids become their favorite daily fare.


Brood and Care Guide in the Home Tank

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Having captive breeding is complicated enough. It requires specific water parameters to achieve a successful propagation. Set the temperature about 29 degrees Celcius with a pH of 7 to 8,5. Additionally, make sure that the hardness reaches 12 to 18dH.

What do gobies eat seems easier than how they spawn in the home aquarium. Therefore, providing lots of caves and hiding areas will be helpful.

Furthermore, the males take the important role to attract the females to come into the spawning cave. They will also place the eggs in that area until being fertilized.


What Do Gobies Eat Based on the Types of Species?

what do dragon gobies eat
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There are several old and new species of the gobies that offer a colorful and attractive addition to the all-type aquarium. Therefore, many aquarists keep gobies in their tanks rather than other popular tropical fish.

Desert Goby

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Desert Goby or Chlamydogobius eremius is one of the hardiest species that can live in a freshwater and brackish-water aquarium. This species is very adaptable to any water parameters. Also, a pair of gobies can thrive in a 5-gallon tank since the fish needs a small space requirement.

The desert gobies come in two kinds of fish. They include the golden leucistic and greenish-gray wild-type. The males that feature black, yellow, and blue patterns on the fins are bigger than the females. Since this species is an illustrious jumper, you need to put a lid to cover the top part of the tank.

Moreover, Chlamydogobius eremius belongs to omnivorous. The desert goby consumes organic debris and small invertebrates. Besides, the fish can feed on micropellets flakes.

Indian Dwarf Mudskipper

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Indian dwarf mudskippers become the most wonderful species, although it isn’t the most colorful fish. This type of goby must live in brackish or marine water aquarium. Thus, Periophthalmus novemradiatus cannot thrive in a freshwater tank.

Since mudskippers have rare tank mates, they do the best with their species in the aquarium. You should provide stones, bogwoods, and sandbanks on the foreground to create a peaceful environment.

The top cover is necessary because mudskippers become notorious jumpers. Additionally, install an under-tank heating or internal heater as they are sensitive to cold.

Indian dwarf gobies reach 5 centimeters long. They become the best aquarium fish. Meanwhile, West African grows about 25 centimeters of the length. It is another type of mudskippers that must be kept alone in the tank since the males will kill each other while sharing in the place.

In terms of feeding the mudskipper, what do goby fish eat in the ocean? They mostly consume algae, organic detritus, and insects in the wild.

On the other hand, what do gobies eat while keeping in the home tank? This species feeds on chopped seafood and flakes foods. Sometimes, they consume houseflies, fruit flies, and other live fares.

Violet Goby

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Gobioides broussonettii is the scientific name of violet goby. This eel-like dragon fish distributes in brackish wetlands, rivers, muddy areas such as shallow ponds and bays. When the water tides disappear, the species are hiding in burrows with an air-breathing system.

In the original habitat, Gobioides broussonettii feeds on small invertebrates, algae, planktons, and organic debris.

Do goby fish eat shrimp? Yes, they eat brine shrimp while dwelling in the aquarium. Furthermore, other suitable foods are minced seafood, algae wafers, and bloodworms.

Violet goby has a big size that reaches 51 centimeters long but becomes a non-predator. It has good tank mates with the mollies since they require the same water conditions.

Additionally, the dragonfish need a medium-sized aquarium because they like creating territory areas. The adult gobies must be kept in a minimum size of the 55-gallon aquarium. Also, provide some artificial burrows from PVC tubes.

Freshwater Neon Goby

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Neon goby or Stiphodon atropurpureus lives in fast-flowing rivers and small bays. The spawning process occurs in that habitat. Then, the males help to protect the eggs until hatching. After they produce young fish, the juveniles flow down to the sea.

When the juveniles grow mature, they will swim upstream in the river to find a desirable habitat. Only the strongest fry can thrive in the shallow waters. Then, what do gobies eat while they are still young? Tiny invertebrates and algae become their primary diet.

Although Stiphodon atropurpureus belongs to saltwater gobies, its shape and size resemble the freshwater fish. The males feature vibrant neon-blue stripes, while the females appear dull brown or gray color.

What do gobies eat when they dwell in the wild? Since neon goby likes sliding on the stones, green algae become the heart of its diet. Sometimes, the fish will consume small invertebrates such as aufwuch.

Therefore, to house neon gobies in a mature well-lit aquarium, providing some algae is a must. Minced seafood can be daily nourishment instead of algae wafers. Provide green algae only because Stiphodon atropurpureus does not like hair and thread algae.

Peacock Gudgeon

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The peacock gudgeon has a scientific name of Tateurndina ocellicauda. This goby is the real freshwater fish with purple-dotted patterns. Some pairs of these grumpy species will be a great addition to a peaceful community tank.

Utilize at least 10-gallon aquarium to pair with other tank mates such as dwarf mosquitofish and lamp eyes. Those surface swimmers will not fight against the peacock gudgeon for foods. Also, they look great on the coral reefs.

Meanwhile, what do freshwater gobies eat as their captive food? Frozen and live invertebrates become their favorite meals. The diet consists of daphnia, mosquito larvae, bloodworms, brine shrimps, and glass worms.

Moreover, what do gobies eat if they are still young? The juveniles feed on micro worms and brine shrimp nauplii. Eventually, powdered flake food becomes their diet.

White-Cheeked Goby

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White-cheeked goby is known as the dwarf dragonfish. It is a stream dweller that thrives in a clean well-oxygenated tank. An aquarium without a heater is the best for this species.

Rhinogobius duospilus is a small and active fish that can be paired with other tiny species like danios and minnows. Those tropical and subtropical tank mates will not harass the white-cheeked gobies.

Furthermore, what do gobies eat? Their diet seems easy. They love meaty foodstuffs. Then, the white-cheeked goby also consumes frozen bloodworms.

However, what do gobies eat instead of frozen meals? The dwarf dragon gobies only feed on the small meaty fare, but they do not like pellets and flakes. These pretty fish cannot compete for foods with loaches and catfish.

Marbled Sleeper Goby

what do Marbled Sleeper Goby eat?
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Oxyeleotris marmorata is the real tankbuster that grows about 61 centimeters long. It offers great value due to its tasty meaty flesh. This big fish requires a 200-gallon aquarium without any companions.

Marbled sleeper goby is a greedy predator that dwells in freshwater or brackish water aquarium. Therefore, this species is not compatible with any type of fish.

As bad-tempered and predatory fish, what do gobies eat? This nocturnal hunter consumes river shrimps and earthworms. However, it often feeds on captive fares such as chopped seafood, fish fillet, and pellets.

Flat Sleeper

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Dormitator maculatus is closely similar to D. lebretonis that sizes only 10 centimeters long. This species is shorter than the sleeper goby. The dormitators inhabit in brackish swamps and streams.

All flat sleepers are omnivores, so what do gobies eat? In the wild habitat, they scatter the sand to get food.

Whereas, in the home tank, the dormitators will feed on algae wafers and pellets. Other live fares like bloodworms, krill, earthworms, white fish fillet, and river shrimps are their diet.

Finally, you have seen several different species of gobies. Then, it’s your turn to decide which types will be perfect to be kept in your tank. No matter what do gobies eat, they will love anything given as their meals.

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